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    Tsingtao Brewery accelerates expansion

    Tsingtao Brewery acquired a local beer producer in North China's Hebei province, and launched a joint venture with another in Shijiazhuang, wrapping up a storm of expansion in 2013.

    In a press release, Tsingtao said it would acquire Xinzhonglou, a 64-year-old brewery in Zhangjiakou on Dec 29.

    Huang Kexing, president of Tsingtao, said the company will integrate and reengineer Xinzhonglou's branding and distribution network. In addition Tsingtao will work with Xinzhonglou to invest 400 million yuan ($65.57 million) in a new brewery with an annual production capacity of 600,000 kiloliters.

    Earlier, on Dec 16, Tsingtao entered a joint venture with Jiahe Brewery in Shijiazhuang to integrate Jiahe's marketing network and seek mutual success. Tsingtao and Jiahe will each have a 50 percent interest in the joint venture.

    The two projects will enable Tsingtao to enhance its competitiveness in North China by connecting its network across the northern and southern parts of Hebei province and increasing its exposure in neighboring Shanxi province and the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

    Huang said the company now puts more focus on the market network and is striving to ensure continued quality growth and innovation.

    "Only with market expansion can we build more factories to expand production capacity," he said. "As we uphold the principle of rational investment and value investment, the company's strategic expansion has been yielding delightful market performance."

    In March, Tsingtao broke ground for a new brewery with a capacity of 600,000 kiloliters in Luoyang, in Central China's Henan province. It began operations in December.

    A 400,000 kiloliter brewery started in August in Jiujiang, Jiangxi province. Three relocation projects in Suqian, Wuwei, and Harbin were also completed before the end of 2013. Its breweries in Qingdao and Jinan have increased production capacity to meet strong market growth.

    China's beer industry slowed in the past two years. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China produced 24.98 million kiloliters of beer in the first half of 2013, a 5.85 percent increase from the same period last year. The growth from January to June 2012 was 4.85 percent while the same period in 2011 saw growth in beer production of 11.4 percent.

    Despite the countrywide slowdown, Tsingtao's yield hit 7.53 million kiloliters from January to September 2013, up 11 percent from the same period in 2012. Net profits jumped 28.7 percent in the first three quarters from last year.

    Tsingtao's stock price at A shares and H shares also hit record highs, according to the company's Q3 financial report for 2013.

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